Millennium Development Goals: Environment

All Palms’ volunteer placements are evaluated to ensure their environmental, social and financial sustainability. This is due to Palms’ commitment to development programs which can continue to serve future as well as current generations.

Further to this over-arching consideration, some Palms volunteers are involved in community agriculture and permaculture programs which seek to ensure agricultural communities can gain subsistence and an income from their land, both now and for future generations.

Techniques which use but do not exploit local resources, are favoured in community projects. Volunteers work with local counterparts to consider which agricultural and building techniques are most appropriate for the local environment.

Building, health and education programs in which Palms’ volunteers work, will contribute to improved water supplies and sanitation for communities based upon their environment (coastal, mountainous, river-side, urban, desert, etc.).

Some Palms Volunteers working towards MDG 7

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