Millennium Development Goals: Diseases

Palms volunteers in health, education and community development contribute to education programs about the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS. Such programs assist reduce infection rates and also reduce the stigma often associated with the disease which can lead to neglect, isolation and lack of treatment. Education programs also ensure myths about causes and false “cures” can be combatted.

These volunteers also provide education about Malaria prevention, including the use of mosquito nets and facility maintenance (fly-wire screens, reduced mosquito breeding areas through proper drainage, etc.). Tradespeople can also provide training in some of these prevention techniques.

Volunteers can also assist develop and train in hygiene and nutrition programs to build community understanding of other preventable and treatable diseases. Volunteers working in disability empower particularly vulnerable members of the community to ensure that they too are able to protect themselves from these diseases.

Some Palms Volunteers working towards MDG 6

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