Millennium Development Goals: Partnership

All Palms volunteer placements are part of a global partnership between Palms Australia, our partner communities and Australian communities. Palms’ volunteers act as resources – skilled workers – sent to meet the needs identified by partner communities. Palms’ placements are designed, scoped and evaluated in a collaborative process which values the contributions of all stakeholders and considers relevant research and national policies.

Palms Australia continues to work in partnership with Australian organisations, including the Australian Global Volunteer Network and other partner agencies, to best meet the development needs of our partner communities. Palms’ research partnerships contribute to a broader knowledge of which models of volunteering for development are most appropriate and effective in achieving the mutually-dependent outcomes of cross-cultural relationships and development.

Palms Australia continues to educate Australians about their potential role in global development, including promoting an awareness of global interdependence beyond an “aid” relationship. Through the building of cross-cultural relationships and promotion of fair and sustainable trade practices, Palms promotes the core value of solidarity in achieving global justice.

Palms Australia volunteers contribute to a greater global awareness of the challenges of Making Poverty History and the steps Australians can take to contribute to this process. Through their interactions with local communities, they share skills and expertise so that each learns from the wisdom and insight of the other of the potential for mutually beneficial and challenging developmental processes.

The ideal of a single civilization for everyone, implicit in the cult of progress
and technique, impoverishes and mutilates us. - Octavio Paz