Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Don Bosco Marching in American Samoa crop

Talofa Lava, by Richard Harris

With 2 months down, volunteer electrician Richard Harris settles into Samoan life, finding healthy challenges to our own perceptions- Talofa Lava Greetings from Samoa. I have been at Don Bosco Technical Centre (DBTC), Alafua, Samoa since 29th January 2015 as a volunteer teaching the electrical trade. DBTC is run by The Salesians of Australia, a […]

Round table 3

Directors Report- The Right People aRound the Table

On Monday April 13 Palms staff reflected on a need to replenish energy across the weekend that had just passed.  The reason was clear from participant’s unsolicited comments during and after the Roundtable Conference held on Friday April 10, which indicated that our small team had managed an exceptionally informative event.  It became manifest that […]

Heather in anguna cropped

Building new pathways, by Dianne Woo

Dianne Woo, 2 months into her placement at Atabae, pays a touching tribute to Heather Henderson who is now moving on from one Palms placement to another- It was an emotional farewell for Palms’ volunteer, Heather Henderson, when she attended the latest English language graduation ceremony in Atabae, East Timor. “Teacher Heather” has guided the […]

Sam & Friends

Reflecting on a Year in Dili, by Sam Haddin

First-time enquirers to Palms often feel a bit shocked when told our volunteer placements generally last two years. Some are dissuaded, but many will call again after considering the philosophy and effectiveness  of a long-term program. Sam  Haddin explains the importance of a far-sighted view and the crucial time forming relationships– For a little over a […]

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to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. - Mohandas Gandhi