Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Some  Atabae team members with Xanana Gusmao.  From left, Migi, 
Dianne Woo, Xanana Gusmao, Maria and Jhon.

Meeting East Timor’s Famous Leader

by Dianne Woo, with photographs by Heather Henderson Xanana Gusmao, the charismatic former Prime Minister of East Timor, is a legend in his country. When Atabae’s Community Education Team, led by Palms’ volunteer, Heather Henderson, attended the opening of the historic Balibo Fort Hotel in Bobonaru Province, they were delighted to see that he was […]


Atabae – Ate logo i obrigadu barack

Atabae – Ate logo i obrigadu barack los husi hau nia laran  (Atabae –See you later and I truly thank you from my heart.) by Heather Henderson As I sit to write, I hear the melodious, harmonised voices of a group of young girls walking past my house on their way to somewhere. “Ba ne’be?” […]


Directors Report- Exciting Potential for Our Shared Goals

Palms  has a strong relationship with many overseas dioceses and communities seeking qualified and experienced Australians willing to volunteer by sharing the knowledge and skills that will assist to sustainably reduce poverty.  Palms is unique in the Church in that it prepares, sends and supports those who volunteer to work in locally owned and managed […]

Palms 96th Orientation

96th Orientation Revisited

Participants at our 96th Orientation have much to thank Palms intern Liesje Barratt for: Not only did she organise much of the event -in front and behind the scenes- but also introduced us to the game of  Kupps! Here Leisje gives her account of a most enjoyable and inspirational week- From January 9th -17th Palms Australia held […]

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