Solidarity Volunteering: Strong Relationships, Mutual Development

Roger Directors Report

Director’s Report – Achieving Palms Vision with other religious cultures: The Possibilities

Palms has been approached to provide volunteers to two places where Hindus make up the vast majority of the population, although any investigation will show that the two places are very different. On my return from Timor Leste in February I managed a short scoping visit to Nusa Penida to better appreciate the requests and […]


Mary Was A Paulian – a celebration of the life of Mary Gilchrist

I started writing this the day after attending the funeral celebration of someone who for over 50 years had an enormous influence on shaping the frameworks of Palms Australia and formerly the Paulian Association. It was a celebration on January 15th because Mary Gilchrist personified the principles by which Palms operates: always there, with hands […]

Haddin Cataldo

First Impressions From The Field – Louisa Cataldo & Sam Haddin

Louisa Cataldo – Holy Family Care Centre, South Africa It is the most beautiful setting here, surrounded by the mountains and lush green bush, there are also many farming plantations, mainly mango, banana and papaya and we are not far from the various game parks such as Kreuger. The Holy Family Care Centre itself is […]

Yates family-small

Changing and Adapting in Zambia by Stephen Yates

The Yates Family in Zambia In the last three months my role has developed into a range of activities. I now work Cardinal Adam Memorial Hospital (CAMH), the emergency department at the University Teaching Hospital and teach medical students at the national university. Working at the University Teaching Hospital, I have been confronted by the […]

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